14:18 — you know, this is not too far off from a commonly used 15minute time trial test on the track
— Vigil (former Adams St legendary coach) used this as a test to see where the athletes were.
Of course for his athletes, the expectation would be that they would be to 5k (at altitude!).
Anyhow, the 15minute time trial test of seeing how far you go in the 15minutes is a field test used to get an indirect measurement of VO2max. I digress….


  • In preparing to race for 14:18 all out, it is good to think about the pace of your INTERVAL workouts. Of course, we have not quite ventured into the Interval paced workouts with our Tuesday Checkers workouts yet (we will mid-June). You can go to our Checkers Workout page to take a sneak peek at your interval pace. The max pace sustain for this period time is about equal to one’s INTERVAL training pace. For most, the pace will be a little bit FASTER than current 5k race pace (unless your are Brad Heron or Jon Hunt blazing the road, then it is about the same). The approach needs to demonstrate a degree of control over the first 5 minutes of the race — go out strong, but know that you have 10 more minutes to get through.
  • In comparing the pace/effort to race distances that we are more familiar with – the 5k distance – the overall pace should be fast. However, I recommend going out at the SAME EFFORT that you go out in your 5k races…. this is because most people tend to go out TOO fast in the first mile, and end up slowing in the middle or last mile. The 14:18 length is the ideal time to get through the first mile at 5k race starting pace, and then focus on PUSHING THE PACE after the 1mile mark. This will lead most to holding steady on to their pace. It is a great opportunity to hold on to goal 5k race pace through the slightly shorter race. This will build confidence going into the next 5k.
  • To add an element of surprise and excitement, plan to go out as hard as you can. Then, when you become fatigued, take in a deep breath and go to a full-out sprint. When you hit the wall, AND YOU WILL, blame Dire Straits for making the song so damned long.
  • One other helpful hint: WARMUP before the race. Engage in 10-15minutes of easy running, perform the warmup dynamic exercises we do on the field prior to track workouts. Your heart rate should be elevated when standing on the starting line. You should be well warmed (and even sweaty!).

Signed Vicki Mitchell